Ben Behaving Madly

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This came from an accidentally Spoonerised phrase and grew into a fantasy about an unreconstructed dad reassuring his son that all the wrongs committed by the male gender were really only perpetrated by one particular guy - the rest of us are off the hook. Includes some of the most contrived rhymes in pop history. We worked up a blonde reggae feel on it, with Paul’s offbeat drum pattern and Rod’s matching bass, Stafford’s guitar chops and f***ing bongo. He sings the lead way over the top – as demanded by the song and his own personality.


Let me sit down here beside you, son, you need your Dad to guide you - I can help you be a real man, never fear

Though they say you should restrain it, there’s no reason to contain it - don’t believe the anti-men talk you might hear

When harassment’s round the corner, one face is always there - though it isn’t always easy to see

True, some women get mistreated, son, they’re beaten up and cheated on - but it’s not the fault of you… and… me, no!

It’s just Ben behaving madly - he’s gone quite stark raving, sadly / Something’s twisted very badly in his mind

You can’t blame the whole male gender, if one boy goes on a bender / It’s just Ben behaving madly all the time, all the time

When there’s fighting and destruction, we men all take the rap - though there’s always one man lurking behind

They say millions are left lost, alone, because of male testosterone - but it’s just one male tests positive, you’ll find

There is just one name that comes to mind…(WHO?)

It’s just Ben behaving madly - once again, depraving gladly / ‘Cause he’s really craving badly for some crime

One guy’s faulty mental hygiene shouldn’t damn the whole XY gene / It’s all Ben behaving madly every time


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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