Better Homes And Gardens

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Rod gets many inspirations from magazine covers (he never actually reads the articles). This one suggested a tilt at the relentless urging of our politicians, promising the world and egging us on to material aspiration at the expense of just about everything of real value. We kicked it along with some tough guitar and keyboard chops and strums, Rod singing the pollie lead and Stafford going a bit black with the scat vox on the tailout. A bit reminiscent of XTC - or possibly just PVC.


Hey it’s great the war is over, now the boomtime can begin / We’ll build a brighter world, we’ll show them what it means to win

Grand houses and apartments, be the envy of the world ! / And better education, for every boy and girl – we’ll have…

Better homes and gardens, spreading to the sea / Bigger farms and cities - life will be much better, wait and see

Hey it’s great the Cold War’s over, it’s time to turn another page / We’ve got to get things back to how they were in the Golden Age - we had…

Better homes and gardens, stronger rules and laws / Safer streets, high standards - life was so much better how it was, we’ll all have>

Better homes and gardens…/Wait and see…


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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