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Another of the Mah Jongg suits, characters also surround us in life. At times, possibly a little too much so. Paul tries hard to preserve his personal space in this humorous, folky 3/4 singalong that grins gently at our not always strictly Zen reaction to eccentricity.


5.36 on the outbound express, the strap-hangers heading for home
When a man with big eyes and a gently crazed voice
strikes up a tune on his paper and comb
It breaks the monotony, lightens the mood,
the world seems so shiny and new
And I’d love to join in with a song and a grin…
but I’ve got my crossword to do

All the world loves a character - without them, how dull would life be?
So do what you do, never let them stop you…
but please don’t sit right next to me

Time for lunch at the fountain-side park - a peaceful and placid pursuit
Until this old dear in a large floral hat lights up our lives with her banter and cat
As she makes a big beeline for my quiet bench, I whip my bag up on the seat - Creative expression is all very well… but I need some calm when I eat

All the world loves a character…

There’s the man who trains pigeons to tango,
the woman who thinks she’s a ghost
And the old bloke who drags a big trolley around
- and inside it, just a spare wheel can be found
Eccentrics are all right in theory at least -
but not when they’re right in your face
‘Cause my space is all mine, I know it takes all kinds…
but kindly take off and sit some other place!

All the world loves a character…


from 4 Characters, released March 31, 2011



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