Even Bowerbirds Get The Blues

from by Men With Day Jobs



Tony’s treatise on the peculiar nesting habits of the male Satin Bowerbird, set to the bleedin’ obvious musical genre with mandatory blues harp and Dr John piano. Apologies to Tom Robbins for the title.


Everybody knows that the bowerbird (the male of the species, that is)

Labours hour by hour to prettify his bower, making very certain that the grandest in the biz… is his

The bowerbird’s a keen decorator, single-minded in what he’ll pursue

And though it sounds bizarre, all his objects d’art

They have this thing in common when it gets down to their hue: they’re all blue

What a mixed-up bird is the bowerbird, his behaviour is bound to confuse

He thinks nothing is duller than any other colour - and the only time he’s happy is when he’s got the blues

The bowerbird has no time for purple - or crimson or scarlet, it’s true

He’s not the kind of fellow to ornament with yellow

Or black or green - only aquamarine to navy, and all points through… the spectrum of blue

The bowerbird’s a blues collector - and you could say he’s paid his dues

‘Cause he’ll decry as B-Grade what isn’t sky-or-sea-shade, and he’s only really happy

When he’s up to his neck in the blues… the Bowerbird Blues


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005



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