The Exposed hand means showing tiles face up. This can be risky – but in life and relationships, such risks can yield new freedom. Ken’s shining production highlights Rod’s haunting piano as he sings of one who takes this delicate gamble, his soul laid bare to the most intimate scrutiny.


Light… came shining sharp into my secret hide
Seeking out the darkened corners trapped inside
these trappings of a man

Bright… eyes burning through the layers and the lies
You’ve stripped away the shreds of my disguise and
seen me as I am

I am exposed, I am laid bare
Standing naked as a newborn, showing stark emotions,
never thought I’d feel - all is revealed
No dark delusion masking me, you’ve shown me what it means
to feel this way

Light… so light that I could click my heels and rise
Swimming slowly to the surface of your eyes, so free and so alive
I am exposed…
No dark delusion masking me, you’ve shown me what it means to be…

Exposed - to your close examination -
every fault, every folly on display
No escape from my salvation -
crying torrents, all defences blown away

I am exposed… You’ve shown me how surrender truly feels,
I am revealed I will answer all you ask of me
… I’ve waited all my life to be exposed


from 4 Characters, released March 31, 2011



all rights reserved


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