For Sentimental Reasons

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Another phrase of Rod’s inspired a very poignant little scenario of an old man surrounded by personal memories in his antique shop and not wanting certain ones disturbed. Rod sings the part and came up with some nice lyrical chord sequences on the piano, backed by little glimmers of acoustic guitar and light drums. We know bugger all about antiques, so Stafford pored through novels, finding some good items in Georges Perec’s quirky “Life: A User’s Manual.”


Step inside and stroll around, sir - share the treasures of this place / Ebony bookends, Venetian chandeliers, that Russian leather case

But please don't touch that lady, fading in her frame, beside the chased-gold clock on the wall / For sentimental reasons, that's all

She once graced the crimson cushions of this velvet divan / And here's the inlaid Sterling silver bracelet, I pressed into her hand

Oh please, don't lift the lid of that old roll-top desk - those memories rush out with a sigh / The sentimental value, that's why

If you could look through my eyes, you'd come to see / Among the moments lying dusty in the bric-a-brac, her struggle to be free

Go gently through these relics of a precious time - and tip your hat to love, as you pass / For sentimental reasons, at last…


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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