Fragile Eyes

from by Men With Day Jobs



This Bird Has Flown (here literally) and Man Copes Badly in departure lounge. Rod’s power-pop crooning is boosted by some nice melody lines from our singer friend Michelle White.


My fragile eyes stare out to sea / Soft hazy skies took you away from me

Mixed emotions wash over me, as I wait in the gate lounge till it’s too dark to see

If I close my eyes, I feel I can reach out and touch you

I’m a ghost in disguise, and all I wanna be, is be there with you…

My fragile eyes stare at the moon / Restless hearts fly away too soon

You shrugged and smiled and you played with your hair / "Be strong", you said, "and I might still be there"

If I was a strongman, I’d stand up and fight this despair

But I’m not the Superman kind, and all I wanna be, is be there with you...

My fragile eyes can’t be concealed / Life goes on, but you feel what you feel

As I drift through a dream world, one thing I know must be real

When I look to the future, all I wanna see, is you in my eyes… my fragile eyes ....


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005



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