Get Into The Car And Go

from by Men With Day Jobs



Paul’s enigmatic tale of turbulent tourist romance among the historic and tide-swept Normandy cliffs. Mind you, he thinks Victor Hugo was that hunchback who founded the Huguenots.


I’ll keep a weather eye out for you / I’ll seem to know just what to do

Up on Saint Michel, to the battlements we flew

The walls were calling out to me / In voices of antiquity

That all the love we’d make, would set us free to start anew

We shouldn’t have to try so hard, easier to go with the flow

Before we are stranded here, we could get into the car and go

Racing on before the tide / As sun and moon kiss and collide

Crescents on our path, flanked by conquest overgrown

Where Hugo dreamed of ageless beauty / You go dreaming aimless need

Every mad mistake, a pointless contest of our own

We shouldn’t have to run so fast, easier to stand where we know

Before we are swept away, we could get into the car and go / Get into the car and go with you…


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005
R.Crundwell / P.Fenton / S.Sanders



all rights reserved


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