Goat People

from by Men With Day Jobs



Full moon on a leafy garden, sleep broken by an eerie sound…
Not so much as a Beg Your Pardon, crazy bleating is all around

Peep out, what’s that, half-seen cavorting in the dark -
got to be the…
Goat People, hairy scary, Goat People, they butt and bite,
Goat People, horny scrawny, they gonna get you in the night
Unkempt, uncouth, unruly, goatee beard and a cloven hoof…
Part-hippie/bikie/schoolie, drinkin’ alco-pot on your roof

Cringe back, lock doors, block ears, but you can’t keep it out,
hearin’ those Goat People…
Outrage in the council meeting, knee-jerkin’ on the tabloid page… Politicians in late-night bleating, all Nanny State righteous rage

But there’s no way you’ll stamp it out
- when the moon is full, we all turn into Goat People… BAAAAA!


from Deep In Denial, released July 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Men With Day Jobs Sydney, Australia

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