In The Shadows Of Giants

from by Men With Day Jobs



Stafford in anthemic overdrive on environment and heritage. Might as well be a tree-hugger while there are still a few of them left. Thanks to legendary a capella -fella Tom Bridges for some vocal harmony ideas.


In the deepest lost valley, the trees stand untamed - mighty giants, unbridled by saw, axe or flame

Still unbent and unbroken through years without name - when the world was one forest, they stood here

Here the great clock ticks slowly, time under a spell - in a long morning here, Greece and Rome rose and fell

In the silence and shadow, the air seems to swell , with the echoes of eons resounding

Deep in the stillness, it’s clear where we stand: at the edge of a wisdom beyond our command

Feel the once and forever that grows in this land / In the shadows of giants we’re walking

Under layers of leaves on the dark forest floor, lie the footprints of those who have walked here before

Giant creatures that tramped with a thunderous roar - and the people who held this place holy

Deep in the stillness….

In a time bound to come when the last trees are down, Who will follow this path through a land cracked and brown? Will they stare at our footprints in wonder, and frown… and think "Oh, how the mighty are fallen"?

Deep in the stillness….

Feel the once and forever we hold in our hand / In the shadows of giants we’re walking


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005



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