Rod initiated this comic tribute to 80s New Wave – we explored websites to track down some of the big acts and song titles from the era. We found 45 that fitted (though sometimes at full stretch of the rhyming dictionary) this tale of a guy who’s in therapy for his 80s obsession and trying to convince his shrink that he’s over it. The instrumentation of course had to lean heavily on layered synths and Simmonds drums and such. Rod sings the bouffant lead and Stafford the octaved Squeeze counterpoint.


Doctor Doctor, I’m Under Pressure - and you said “Call Me” / Well I’ve been stuck in this New Wave timewarp since 1983

Sit back and Relax, you were AdamAnt - I was shedding Tears For Fears / Don’t want no Band Aid, I gotta make this Madness disappear

Retromania… Ain’t no Pretender, I’m Captain Sensible, I know my ABC
I’ll be a Nu-man, a part of the Human League, I Want To Break Free from Retromania...

Find me a job in a Power Station, let me learn the Art of Noise / Shoppin’ for Specials at the Culture Club, or “Let’s go to the Pet Shop, Boys”

Sweet Dreams are made of this, I gotta Go West today / Check on The Reflex, find me The Cure - but Don’t Leave Me This Way…. in

Retromania… Give me the Go-go, I’m just a Romantic, Don’t Stand So Close To Me
Give me a Squeeze, give me Tainted Love but please set this Fun Boy Free from Retromania...

Planet Earth is a Town Called Malice, in a Clash of Simple Minds / I tried Talk Talk… I cried “A-ha”, but Internet Killed the Video Star

Give me my Freedom, I’ll start a New Order, from Vienna to Berlin to Japan / You’ll never find a Karma Chameleon - convince U2, I can…Retromania…


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



all rights reserved


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