Ruby Jade

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Another Special Hand, all red and green – suggesting a piece of rockabilly burlesque in which a girl with green eyes and red hair is pursued in vain by Rod, as sandy-haired rustic, well beyond the realm of melodrama and deep into the chasm of country cliché, both musical and lyrical.


Ruby Jade had me on a string, she was everything to me
But I could not see that it was not to be… so young and fancy free
In innocence we played, and all the plans I made included Ruby Jade

Ruby Jade had me in her spell, I thought wedding bells would chime
Ev’ry mountain we would climb… but we ran out of time,
her light has gone and I’m Left counting in the shade,
the price that I have paid, for lovin’ Ruby Jade

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, I sit alone and sadly sing,
my love will never fade for Ruby Jade
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Sunday I been hangin’ out my heart for Ruby Jade

Ruby Jade, though we’re far apart, you’re still in my heart today
I got to find a way to get you back to stay - I know it’s mad, but hey!
I never was afraid to call a spade a spade… still love ya, Ruby Jade

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring… Ruby Jade…
Hangin’ out my heart for Ruby Jade


from 4 Characters, released March 31, 2011



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