Should'a Been Here Yesterday

from by Men With Day Jobs



Line from the 60s surfpic Endless Summer - this old surfie missing more than just the waves. A small tribute to Brian Wilson et al. Rod can’t actually surf to save his life, but we have seen him Wiped Out more than once.


I went down to the sandy shore / Back to the beach that I knew before

Out the back where the big sets roar / But it’s not the same, it’s a different game

The beach party is a brand name ball / They paved paradise, and put up a fast food hall / They just took it all

We never knew the sky was wearing thin / We didn’t see the sharks closing in

We felt the undertow drag us down / Ah, we shoulda been here yesterday

Crazy paving on the boulevarde / But every crooked step is way too hard

Every twist and turn a mystery / To a blonde like me

We never thought the sun would slip away / Wiped out by a Brave New Day

We saw the tidal wave way too late / Ah, we shoulda been here yesterday

Surf’s down, now we turn the page / Endless Summer of a Greenhouse Age

Burning slow / Ah, why did we let it go? / Ah, we shoulda been here yesterday….


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005



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