The Next Big Thing

from by Men With Day Jobs



One for the road, squeezed onto the CD (1) as a suitable closer and (2) because we felt a profound need for self-promotion. Sung by the ageless Paul, it’s an autobiographical chuckle at our own failed tilt at pop stardom. Kind of “Rock and Roll We Gave You All the Best Years of Our Lives, Except the Present Ones Which Aren’t Half Bad Either.” Better a Has Been than a Never Was – or in our case, better a Never Quite Was than a Never Tried. Grandeur may be well beyond us, but we’re quite content with Delusions of Adequacy.


Once upon whenever, when love was all around / When Being There was Where It’s At, I took my songs to town

And every B-grade band shark, and tinpot talent hound / Told me I… was gonna be the Next Big Thing

We cashed in our resistance, we set out on the road / With high boots and sailor suits, we were gonna make the sky explode

With faith or wilful blindness, we beat our chests and crowed / That we… were gonna be the Next Big Thing… the Next Big Thing

We rumbled every highway, we thundered every stage / We beat on every doorway, refused to act our age

We railed against their silence, we raged at the machine / We blew till every dream had blown away

Record deals and magazines, was every would-be rock star’s dream / Slogging through the night to make it all come true

Till back to earth that star-ship comes - clashing visions, different drums / We crashed and burned before we could crash through,
Crash through!

So here we are together, the love is still the same / The songs flow on, no matter now if nobody knows our name

‘Cause it’s better to have missed the boat than never to have played the game / And we laugh to think that we were once the Next Big Thing…

No we won’t give up the Day Jobs, but we won’t get off the stage / We groove on in the basement, still refuse to act our age

‘Cause we may not be young and pretty, and we’ll never be all the rage / But we can still kick it and that’s the Next Best Thing

Yeah we can still kick it and that’s… the Best Thing !


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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