The Righteous Road (for Jerry Wexler)

from by Men With Day Jobs



from Deep In Denial, released July 19, 2014
I was a wanderin’ fool, saw my life goin’ nowhere cool
I was
hangin’ in the pool halls, I was driftin’ with the tide, I was bluffin’
through the questions that shook me deep inside

Then I felt my future start to roll - from the wide plains of Kansas
to a new world of Soul
Off I rode, hell-bent to crack that crazy code,
see all the wonders that it showed - it led me down the righteous road,
that righteous road
Got the message, heard the call, read the writing on the ghetto wall

It’s not only in the colour, it’s more than just the race -
it’s a rhythm and a blues that beats out your sense of place

It’s a fine, fine feeling when you cut that groove -
you can span the wide Atlantic, make the whole world move

Twinkle-toed - I knew I’d tapped the motherlode,
Lord how it shimmered and it glowed
It lit me down the righteous road,
that righteous road
On Jerry Wexler’s tombstone, he wanted these two words:
“More bass!” 
I said Hey!... (Call & Response)
There’s a spirit in the movement, a little prayer I say,
a joy of inspiration, a passion in the play

How deep the soul that drives the song
- it’s got such a beat and a groove and it sweeps you along

On I strode, I tracked that river where it flowed,
it kept me moving, never slowed

Racing down the righteous road, that righteous road! Hey! …



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