(The Truth Will make You) Mad!

from by Men With Day Jobs



Stafford found this title in a youth anti-smoking campaign and started to write rap verses about tobacco merchants and military hawks scheming our destruction. We wanted it very hard-edged with a sledgehemmer rhythm section. Paul plays bass here as well as drum kit (over drum machine), all of us chipping in on guitars – Paul channeling Frank Zappa and Stafford Keith Richard in the solo bit. Rod found a keyboard sound called “MAD”, heard at the start and end. We trade raps, fighting each other for the limelight - as usual.


Make you mad, make you mad, make you mad… the truth will make you mad

Down in the bunker, with the maps on the wall, big boys, big toy, makin’ big bad noise / Got the paramount technology, the paranoid psychology,

The economic, ergonomic, macho physiology / Their eyes on the oilfields, minds on belligerence, hands on their sexed-up milit’ry intelligence

Bomb and crush and kill until it’s all gone bad - then you learn the awful truth, and the truth will….Make you mad…

High in the city, in their smoke-free offices, fat suits, in cahoots, makin’ packets… behind a smokescreen of lies… dollars in their eyes…

They’re hookin’ kids, people on the skids, never mind who dies / While you’re gettin’ sicker, they got smiles on their faces

‘Cause they shredded all the traces (got friends in high places) / You don’t know they did it, but you know that you been had
It’s a filter-tip ripoff, and the truth will….Make you mad…


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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