On Bondi Beach one morning Paul was greeted by the spectacle of a statuesque woman doing yoga on the sand. His interest in physical health was much heightened - though he insists there was nothing sexual in it.


You are a revelation, stretching out on the sand / You set the dawn-pulse racing, to the reach of your hand

Livin’ life on the upbeat, just a pace off the main street

Makin’ moves to the new light, takin’ space on the in-sight, livin’... to the beat of your heart

You’re pure imagination, elegant, self-possessed / You make the moves look easy - must admit, I’m impressed

Livin’ life on the upbeat, just a pace off the mean, mean street

Takin’ breath to the wave-time, makin’ salutes to the sunshine, livin’… to the beat of your heart

Lookin’ for life on the upbeat, with you by my side / Lockin’ into the backbeat, keep you satisfied…

You are an inspiration, you work it out so strong / While on the treadmill daily, we all sleepwalk along

Livin’ life on the upbeat…


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005



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