Year Of The Dragon

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The Dragon plays a key role in MJ, and is also one of the 12 Chinese calendar years. Stafford and his life partner were both born in Years of the Dragon, and began their relationship in another. This Oz folk-country ballad in 6/8 celebrates these three years and ends with a fourth, 2000.


Seaside in the Lucky Country, 1952:
a couple’s fourth production gives the Baby Boom its due
He breathes in the sunshine, feels the ocean spray,
swims toward the bright light of this luminous day

It’s the Year of the Dragon, and there’s laughter on the sand
He opens his eyes to the bluest of skies and the kindest of hands
He will be powerful and lucky, in keeping with the sign
This is his time, this is his time:
the Year of the Dragon

A dozen years later, other side of the world:
a young English family greets its second baby girl
Mersey beats overshadowed by exuberant noise
She will outsmart the Sisters and run faster than the boys

It’s the Year of the Dragon, and change is in the air
Pendulum swings, and bright silver wings will carry her who knows where
She will be powerful and lucky, with a fierce will to survive
She has arrived, she has arrived
- in the Year of the Dragon

Fast forward to a city office, Bicentennial Year :
of all the places she could have gone, she turns up here
He is warm and determined, she is fiery and bold
Shakes him out of his downtime, and it’s on for young and old

In the Year of the Dragon, celebrations in the air
Taking each day, picking their way on a journey they can share
They are powerful and lucky, as dragons always are
They will go far, they will go far
- in the Year of the Dragon

The turn of the century, Y2K: once more the dunes echo
with the laughter of children at play
It’s been a time of great changes, battles lost and won,
magical adventures, lives lost and begun

It’s the Year of the Dragon, and there’s fire in the sky
In this puzzling nation, a new generation is learning to swim and fly
Will we be powerful and lucky? Stare into the glass and see
Where will we be, where will we be
- next Year of the Dragon?


from 4 Characters, released March 31, 2011



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