Don't Let The Devils In

from by Men With Day Jobs



Building the MJ wall of tiles, you must not admit devils by leaving gaps – a metaphor for China’s old fear of invasion by “foreign devils”, and echoed more recently by xenophobes within our own shores. Nothing some Paul-led killer rock won’t fix, or at least take a sledgehammer swing at.


We’re gonna build a wall, we’re gonna build it high,
put it out in the sun and stack it up to the sky
We’re gonna make it tough, we’re gonna make it hard
We’ve got more than enough in our own backyard

We gotta stop them dead, we gotta stop them cold
We gotta break ‘em and shake ‘em and take ‘em out…
We’ll build the home of the gods
in the land of the purest skin - don’t let the devils in (don’t let ‘em in)

We got the razor wire, we got electric fence
we got billions and billions and billions
tied up in coastal defence
We got the finger on the pulse, got the eye on the polls
We’ve sold everything off except border controls
We’re gonna beat them off, we’re gonna shut them out
We’re gonna rock ‘em and sock ‘em and lock ‘em up…
We’re gonna play the race card in a game we’ll play to win
- don’t let the devils in (hear those devils!)

We got the hand on the heart, got the talk jocks’ ear
We don’t care where they been, we don’t want them here
Another nail in the cask, another brick in the wall,
we’re gonna nail ‘em and jail ‘em and sail ‘em off…

We’ll build the home of the gods… We’re gonna play the race card…


from 4 Characters, released March 31, 2011



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