Dreams And Tinsel

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Our title track started out from a Rod phrase and piano motifs, and we developed from there a slightly sad little Latin-flavoured pop ballad about an urban playboy party god with some personal demons. The piano base builds on a light drum-machine pattern a la Joe Jackson, with real drum frills washing in over, Stafford adding an acoustic guitar l ead break over another acoustic. Rod sings the lead in whimsical Rod fashion, the others adding the whispery boy-band backing vox.


Man of the hour, talk of the town / High in your tinsel tower, you never come down / Life of the party, host with the most

Your nights are all the rage - up and down the coast, every taste on toast / Long as the music’s playing, you’ll never hear them saying…

He’s a self-serenading minstrel, lost in a world of dreams and tinsel / King of the mountain, youth in a fountain

Forever the boy inside the man, grabbing the limelight when he can / Keep on raving, constantly craving dreams and tinsel

Pick of the season, top of the range / Driven Dionysus, smoothly making your pile with a Greek God smile / Women surround you, they wait for your call

But they don’t stay too long – they’d have to play your games, you’d have to learn their names / Long as you keep the pace up, you’ll never stop to face up…

He’s a self-serenading minstrel…

You fall back in your room when the sunlight weighs you down / Hearing those voices in your head, spinning you round and round…

Long as your phone keeps ringing, you’ll never hear me singing…

He’s a self-serenading minstrel…


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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