Eloquence In F

from by Men With Day Jobs



Language warning!
One, two, three… fuck!
I bought the fuckin' thing last fuckin' Tuesday,
The fuckin' last one wouldn't fuckin' go I plugged the fucker in the fuckin' socket
I said "Fuck me dead, the fucker’s fucked!
Ah, wouldn't ya fuckin' know!"
I said “Fuck ya, the fuckin’ fucker’s fucked!
The fuckin' fucker's good an’ fuckin' fucked!

Fuckin’ more than fuckin' rooted, fuckin’ not just fuckin' stuck
- fuck no, the fuckin' fucker's fuckin' fucked ! “
I took the fuckin’ thing back fuckin’ quick smart -
I said “This fuckin’ thing won’t fuckin’ work”

He said “Fuck man, what the fuck did ya do to tha motherfucka?”
I said “Fuckin’ nothin’ – don’t be fuckin’ rude, ya fuckin’ jerk!”
I said “Fuck ya, the fuckin’ fucker's fucked!
The fuckin' fucker's dead-set fuckin' fucked!
Fuckin’ worse than fuckin' shit, not fuckin’ worth a fuckin' buck - fuck no,
the fuckin' fucker's fuckin' fucked !” Fuckin’ solo! (Fuck!)
So I chucked the fucker in the fuckin’ dustbin, fucked off
to the fuckin’ tip in me fuckin’ truck 
I was about to fuckin’ tip the
fucker over, when a fuckin’ bloke said…
“Excuse me, you’re not planning to discard that rather delightful objet d’art in the vicinity of this establishment, are you?” 
Well, fuck, what could I say? I mean, what could I fuckin’ say? I said… “Fuck ya…”


from Deep In Denial, released July 19, 2014



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