Mother England

from by Men With Day Jobs



We started this "lament" for the Old Country in the 80s and revived it with more modern misdeeds. Along the way it pays musical homage to Brit pop –XTC, Who, Squeeze and a bit of wotever yer fancy.


It’s a sad sad story, Mother England / But I fear you stayed abroad too long

It’s a sad sad story, Mother England – things have all gone wrong

They all bowed low before Your Highness / But we know that empires rise and fall

It’s a sad sad story, Mother England – now you’ve lost it all

Once half the world was in your hands / You sucked the life from foreign lands

You ruled the waves and waived the rules

Then all at once your sun went down / They plucked the jewel back from your crown

And left you standing there like fools, fools, fools…

And now there’s a whole new generation / Who don’t respect the Union Jack

It’s a sad sad story, Mother England – now you can’t turn back

Whatever happened to the Land of Hope and Glory? / Still rattling your sabre near and far

You were born to rule, now you can’t even fool… Britannia / Fool Britannia…


from Men With Day Jobs, released January 1, 2005



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