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Like other sad cases, we get sucked into the dreams and tinsel of Oscars night – and its parade of syrupy songs wheeled out for the Best Song gong. Most are love duets dripping with self-affirmation, all strings, big key changes and the kind of slushy Fender Rhodes piano described by novelist DBC Pierre as “like ovaries hitting oatmeal”. So we penned this parody and got our mate Ruth to croon it with Stafford (typecast and overacting again). All that remains is to sit back and draft the tearful acceptance speech.


I was lost, not knowing where I could belong / Till I decided… to write an Oscar-winning song

It’s gonna be a great one, you bet / And for that real romantic feel, it’s gotta be a boy and girl duet

So here I am, and now you know you’re not alone / As long as I… am simpering in your microphone

With lots of tinkly keyboard… and aching harmony / And big lush chords, and crashing drums... and swirling strings when the chorus comes

And this will be our moment, our Night of Nights draws near

Such mass-produced emotion… can’t fail to raise a tear /This is our song for Oscar - and we’re really gonna win this year

And now the words – of standing tall and being me / And reaching out, to find my special destiny / And Lerv will be the answer, there’s Lerv in every line

It finds a way, it sets us free / It lifts us up, into…a change of key? (Beautiful!)

And this will be our moment…


from Dreams And Tinsel, released January 12, 2008



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